Raven's Hoard

Nate is a young archaeologist who finds himself embroiled in an exciting and, at times, terrifying adventure involving smugglers, Vikings and treasure hunters. Suitable for age 9 upwards.

Raven's Hoard is the second in the series of fantasies. If anything this book was easier to write then the first because I had many ideas which I hadn't used in the original story - in fact it almost wrote itself!

This book is slightly darker and the action is larger and fast changing. The themes of time travel and the battle between good and evil are still central to the story and they of course take place in Furness and at the abbey. The characters are older than in the first book, but are interconnected with those in the first. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride through different times and becomes witness to events in the past, which sometimes seem frightening.

The book takes in different historical venues including Piel Castle, Gleaston Castle, Rampside Church and Aldingham. I have tried to blend past and present and highlight the differences and changes over time, sometimes creating amusing scenarios. This story ends in a cliff hanger and hopefully the reader will want to discover the next part of the story in Out of Time 3 - The Cistercian Conspiracy.