The Secret of the Swan

Out of Time is a fascinating blend of past and present, magic and time travel, all woven together with a real life experience and the emotions that go with it. It vividly describes lives in other times and will appeal to readers ages 9 upwards.

The Secret of the Swan is my first novel. Although it was originally aimed at children and young people, it has gained a strong adult following, attracting those who enjoy adventure fantasy stories. The story is set in the amazing and beautiful Furness peninsula, particularly around the magnificent Furness Abbey. All the places mentioned in the story are real and so are many of the historical events and characters, however, the story is essentially a work of fiction.

As a teacher I hope the book will engage children and encourage them not only to read but to explore their environment and heritage. I have been delighted that schools both in this country and further afield have used the book in the classroom as a reading book, guided reading and as a stimulus for cross curricular work. As an avid reader of fantasy and historical fiction I have written a book which I would like to read myself. The book is the first of a series of four.

Furness Abbey is the key to all the stories and is a passion of mine. It is a little known gem in the heritage crown of South Cumbria and is well worth a visit. Please follow the link to find Furness Abbey Fellowship-a community group I and others have set up to support and promote the abbey.